Renewable Energy – Energy Saving – Self Management

Solar panel installation

Renewable energy is growingly accessible and affordable. In particular solar power has emerged in the domestic context as home owners look to save money and show they are doing their bit for the environment. Although not everyone is going to the lengths of fitting their roofs with solar panels.

‘Nest’ a learning thermostat focuses the management of energy. They have considered the complete user experience  revolutionising the way we manage our energy in the domestic context. From its set up to the way you can visualise the data it collects of your energy usage. This holistic – total – approach to designing a complete system of use is proving popular thus far. However is there room for other ways to set up and manage energy in the home that uses renewable sources?

Renewable energy and energy saving have been a hot topic amongst political parties and companies over the recent years and no doubt will continue to with rising oil costs and fears of global warming. With a broadened awareness and potential for increase in uptake of the technologies we can question: How could these systems be interfaced to the home owner?




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