Designing the Customer


A recent publication from the Harvard Business Review Press, by Michael Schrage states:

“Innovation is about designing customers – not just new products, new services and new user experiences”

The publication’s title asks a simple question –  Who Do You Want Your Customers to Become?

Exemplifying the most successful multinational companies of the twenty first century (Apple, Google, Starbucks) it evidences how they created a customer vision that is directly aligned with a corporate vision. In particular, Apple who seek to design experiences that thrill and excite their own employees that should consequently thrill and excite their customers.

Using this question to guide a project and process could be an interesting format in collaboration with a companies vision.
I am still working through this publication but here is another few extracts that have interested me –

“Innovation should treated as a medium and method for (re) designing customers” 
“Innovation moves from a functional silos to a collaborative process.. this question helps initiate an on going culture change”

‘Customer Vision is as important as Corporate Vision. Your Corporate Vision and Mission Statement should respect and reflect your vision of the customer”

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