Big companies want to act small – Small companies want to act big

Big companies want to act small, from being local and personal to their customers and to moving forward with effective decision making.

I think there are various levels to this notion –

1. How big companies act small and local (how employees interact, how the store looks,) A move away from the ‘cookie cooker’ approach to expanding and franchising to a more localised and individual experiences that feels more personal to the customer.

2. Smaller companies are able to adapt, react and move forward with less political constraints – big companies can envy these abilities as it can hinder innovation and missed opportunities in developing markets.

3. Small companies and start ups can start from a blank canvas develop a bold new vision that only a ‘big’ company may be able to execute with the resources and capital available.

With both big companies looking to small companies and vise versa – what opportunities evolve? It is becoming increasingly accessibly to get infront of investors and pitch for funding, small companies have even more opportunity to develop bold visions that big companies struggle to.

Pepsi have set up start up incubator in Brazil – PepsiCo10 is a digital incubator program, which recognize the most innovative start-up companies.


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