The Experience Realms

Experience Realms - TV's Development

Pine II and Gilmore’s ‘The Experience Economy’ published in 1991, proposes a two way matrix called ‘The Experience Realms’. Their theory analyses that as the commodification of goods, services and experiences occurs a new ‘transformation’ of a customer experience must be acknowledged.

In order to define an ‘Experience’ they use the model I have illustrated above, however I believe that this framework can be used further to analyse market opportunities. Let’s take for instance the television – a technology that was founded on a passive and absorptive experience – is now moving towards new experiences. The rise of smart televisions has resulted in companies designing a more immersive and active experience.

This framework could be used as an activity to map on existing experiences with technology or to go deeper and specific to certain products.

Why not question ‘The Experience Realms’ in itself, can we relabel this framework and apply it in other places?


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