Data is the New Oil


Data is omnipresent. Every interaction we have with information has the potential to build up a set of data. I have heard the term  ‘Data is the new oil’ on several occasions and I have been thinking deeper about what this means for designers.

Companies have even started to make decisions based upon data alone. Google and Amazon were at the forefront of this movement customising advertisements and customer experiences to their individual data. Every company must acknowledge the role of the technology and data, and its potential to create opportunities for better customer and employee experience. If every company is able to collect data, it is now growingly important to make sense of it. In short one could say the art lies in the data’s refinement.

How can new collaboration build systems that add the human depths to the data and highlight new design opportunities?

How can we make data more engaging that just being numbers and statistics?

How can various stakeholders engage with its value and acknowledge its role in the development of the company?

On a less corporate note.. How could end users of services be given access to their own data to use and create their own experiences with services?

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