Where should we find innovation?

Difference in the Global Innovation Index and Infrastructure scores (2012)

I’d like to try and answer this question simply. I would suspect innovation would happen in a highly connected environment. Environments where ideas can spread quickly and easily. An example of this is when the Gutenberg printing press played a key part as an idea spreading catalyst during the renaissance.

With this example I would think there would be a link between innovation and infrastructure. In the map above I have mapped these differences in the top 30 innovative countries. The countries which have a deep red bubble indicate they have a negative difference between their innovation score and their infrastructure score, while the countries which have a brighter green bubble indicate they have a small positive difference between their innovation score and their infrastructure score.

To summarise, the deep reds have innovation scores well below their infrastructure, while the greens have higher innovation scores than their infrastructure. Should innovation be happening more in deep red countries?

Below are the scores for the countries with the biggest differences:

Spain -12.45
Korea -10.3
Japan -9.92
Norway -7.92
Sweden -5.02000000000001
Hong Kong -4.66
Australia -4.40000000000001
France -2.75
Czech Republic -2.26
United Kingdom -0.57

(scores taken from The Global Innovation Index 2012)


About duaneharrison

Currently a final year student at the Glasgow School of Art studying Product Design. After having varied but relevant experience in five different countries, I aim to draw from my education and explore how product/services are established and how well they can fit into a whole ecosystem to provide a special experience.

One comment

  1. reynanshimada

    This is interesting. It suggests that the red countries have the infrastructure but they have no ideas to spread. In other words, these countries are just waiting for the right idea to arrive! But that bring up a new question. How do we know what idea these countries need?

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