Intervention as a relationship building tool

LIFT is a short documentary filmed in an elevator.  Directed by Marc Isaacs, the film chronicles the comings-and-goings of a group of residents in a London apartment building and is a brilliant cross section of the human condition.

Isaac visited the lift regularly over 3 weeks to film this documentary. The residents of this tower block gradually opens up to him. The relationships he builds with the residents allows him to ask personal questions such as their favorite childhood memories and importance of religion in their life.

The confined space of the lift combined with personal questions from Isaac makes the space almost like a confession room. The residents have trust, thereby being able to open up to him.

I think this technique is extensive but his primarily intention was to film. I see potential in this as a way of building a relationship with a certain community. Perhaps a week in a lift will be enough to get a strong and diverse support.

A lift is an intimate space that puts the residents in a almost unavoidable situation. Is there any other way of building these relationships?


About reynanshimada

Currently working at Creation Center and pursuing Master of European Design . Originally starting in a product design degree, my interest shifted towards a more holistic design while studying at Glasgow School of Art. I aim to broaden my experience and knowledge by working in varied cultures and strive to draw from these knowledge to create new possibilities.

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