Personalization of shared service space

With a generation of young adults losing interest in large investment products, it seems like there is a massive pressure on the car industry to shift from current business model. One of the early service that is dealing with this sift is Zipcar.

Zipcar changed the game by turning driving into a service. Anyone that signs up to a membership can have access to Zipcars and use it as their own. Similar services are popping up around the world and it is gaining popularity.

One reason for this paradigm shift may be due to the increasing population density around the world. Driving in cities are full of stress. Drivers are always facing parking problems, congestion and possibly other issues.

So will car personal ownership shrink significantly as city dwellers increase in number? And if so, what will be the consequence of this shift? What will happen to existing cultures such as personalization of cars? What kind of behavioral change can we expect?


About reynanshimada

Currently working at Creation Center and pursuing Master of European Design . Originally starting in a product design degree, my interest shifted towards a more holistic design while studying at Glasgow School of Art. I aim to broaden my experience and knowledge by working in varied cultures and strive to draw from these knowledge to create new possibilities.


  1. duaneharrison

    Just some thoughts on this shift:

    1) I think these car services will become more sophisticated. I remember Car2Go in Berlin had its own screen in the dashboard where it knew it was you and you input different things (like whether the last person was tidy but also use radio and GPS). Perhaps in the future it will know your radio preference automatically. It would adjust the mirrors for you and the seats for you automatically.

    2) Self-Driving cars throws in another paradigm. Would our ownership be even less? If the cars self-drive would they work like a taxi which picks us up and drops us. Do the cars become more like public transportation?

  2. reynanshimada

    Your perspective on personalization is different from mine which is interesting. I was thinking more about how people leave their personal objects in their car. This culture is very likely to disappear if cars are shared. But perhaps it will be replaced by new digital personalization like you have suggested.

    Self driving cars are also interesting. A lot of people enjoy driving. When these two very different cars are on the same road, what kind of problems will it create? And I guess in the future, these human driven cars will compete on how fun it is to drive.

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